Slow cook beef terrine

Mustard, and grappes sauce with vegetables pickles

10 €


poched egg in crispy nest, served with pumpkin velouté and curry, girolle mushroom

10 €

Stuffed turnip

Ankake sauce, seafood and spinach sauce

10 €

Crispy obsiblue prawn with shizo

Aioli with the black garlic, lambs lettuce with yuzu pearls

12 €

Foie gras Banksy style

Girl with Balloon
Toasted brioche and onion range 


Le pâté en croûte



We suggest you accompany your dishes with a side dish of your choice 

Turbot fish

Wasabi cream, portobello carpaccio

22 €

Monk fish

cook in red wine sauce from Saumur served with sliced of rutabaga

20 €

Red label roasted salmon with miso

Citrus gel and pickles of daikons 

18 €

Mushrooms gyoza 🌱

goat cheese with oregano, mushrooms sauce

16 €

Duck filet

crunchy duck leg, dates, chickpea 


Red label free-range poultry of Maine

Cook in low temperature, Japanese mushroom, and tandoori poultry juice

19 €

French beef entrecote, 200g/300g

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus

24/30 €

Jersey sirloin steak aged 45 days, 200g/300g

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus with old porto


Wagyu flank steak, 200g / 300g

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus


Iberian pork chop, 200g / 300g

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus 

22/30 €


Waffle of Brussel in optical illusion

Potatoes, parmesan whipped cream and poultry jus 

5 €

Chicory salad

Balsamic vinaigrette, pine nuts

3 €

French fries

4 €

Chestnut and shitakes muslin with hazelnut

4 €

mushroom of season

5 €

Grilled vegetables

4 €


MENU (up to 12 years old)

Chopped steak or salmon

With French fries or muslin of the day 

Ice cream

Flavor by choice 

15 €


Selection of 3 cheeses

(From the cheesemaker :  Rodolphe Le Meunier MOF.  Selected by my friend, Fabien Degoulet, world champion for cheese in 2015).

9 €

Fresh goat cheese from ''Biquettes d'Anjou'' in cigar slightly smoked

With lambs lettuce 

6 €


''Magritte'' apple

René Magritte 
White chocolate ganache, honey and apple compote with yuzu 

12 €

Souflée tartlet

Freshly baked, chocolate mousse 67%, liquid chocolate core, cacao nibs, tonka and flower of salt 

10 €

Crème brûlée grilled brioche flavor

Fresh pear and haselnut streusel

11 €

Blackberry cake

Tarragon and lemon

10 €


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