Foie gras

Variation of kumquats, gingerbread powder, brioche

Gluten, eggs, lactose

18 €

Pâté en croûte

Foie gras, duck, pork, pistachio, chestnuts, port jelly

Gluten, egg, lactose, nuts, mustard


Crispy obsiblue prawn with shiso

Aioli with the black garlic, lambs lettuce with yuzu pearls

Gluten, shellfish, egg, soy, mustard

12 €

Crab cake

Red cabbage coleslaw, Granny Smith, grapes, yuzu mayonnaise

10 €

Quail, Jerusalem artichoke, spelled

Low temperature fillet, confit leg, spelled risotto with maître d’hôtel butter, mousseline and Jerusalem artichoke chips

Milk, lactose, garlic


Perfect egg 🌱

Winter root vegetables, parsley coulis, garlic foam, pecan tile

Gluten, egg, lactose, nuts

9 €


We suggest you accompany your dishes with a side dish of your choice 

Red label roasted salmon with miso

Citrus gel and pickles of daikons 

Fish, soy, lactose

18 €

Cod rolled with ham

Braised Chinese cabbage, seaweed sauce

Fish, lactose, garlic

22 €


celeriac mousseline, grilled leeks, butter sauce with cider, toasted almond, spices Karis goss


Lactose, nuts, sesame, gluten



Gnudi 🌱

Spinach, ricotta, broccoli, parmesan, pine nuts

Gluten, eggs, lactose, nuts

18 €

Pig duo

Melting pork belly, cabbage stuffed with pulled pork loin, pear in red wine, rutabaga mousseline, meat gravy

Gluten, lactose

24 €

Red label free-range poultry of Maine

Cook in low temperature, Japanese mushroom, and tandoori poultry juice

Soy, nuts, gluten, peanuts

19 €

French beef entrecote

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus

Soy, nuts, peanuts

24/30 €

200/300 g

Jersey sirloin steak aged 45 days

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus 

Soy, nuts, peanuts

28/36 €

200/300 g

Wagyu +6

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus

Soy, nuts, peanuts


200/300 g

Iberian pork chop

Dried fruit chutney, beef jus 

Soy, nuts, peanuts


200/300 g

Waffle of Brussel in optical illusion

Potatoes, parmesan whipped cream and poultry jus 

Lactose, egg

5 €


Vinaigrette, puffed buckwheat 

Soy, nuts

4 €

French fries

4 €

Dauphinoise potatoes

5 €

Parsnip mousseline

4 €

Roasted vegetables


5 €


MENU (up to 12 years old)

Chopped steak or salmon

With French fries or muslin of the day 

Ice cream

Flavor by choice 

15 €


Selection of 3 cheeses

(From the cheesemaker :  Rodolphe Le Meunier MOF.  Selected by my friend, Fabien Degoulet, world champion for cheese in 2015).

Lactose, soy

9 €

Fresh goat cheese from ''Biquettes d'Anjou'' in cigar slightly smoked

With lambs lettuce 

Lactose, gluten

6 €


''Magritte'' apple

René Magritte 
White chocolate ganache, honey and apple compote with yuzu 

Lactose, egg, gluten, nuts,

12 €

Mont blanc

Vanilla puff pastry, chestnut cream, brown vermicelli, blackcurrant confit, blackcurrant sorbet, blackcurrant meringue, blackcurrant powder

Lactose, gluten, egg,

11 €

Mandarin, bay leaf

Creamy mandarin, mandarin segments, mandarin espuma, mandarin bay crumble, mandarin bay gel

Lactose, gluten

11 €

Chocolate, smoked vanilla

Chocolate fondant, custard, 64% vanilla-smoked chocolate cream, vanilla-smoked vanilla ice cream parfait, trio of chocolate cocoa tiles and cocoa nibs

Gluten, egg, lactose

11 €

Pecan, parsnip

Creamy parsnip, crispy pecan praline, coffee pecan dacquoise

Gluten, lactose, nuts

10 €

Ice cream


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