Le Capsicum

Inspired by tajine and the cuisine of Maghreb countries. 
It compounds with vodka infused with peppers, apricot liqueur, raisin syrup, lemon, egg white and curry bitter. 

11 €

15 cl 

The Outback

Inspired by coutryside walks.
This cocktail is made with Saint-Germain and grappa mint. Lengthened with verbena, elderflower syrup and nut bitters 

11 €

7 cl 

Mango Mezcal Margarita

Margarita with smoky, fruity and spicy tastes.
It made with mezcal, celery bitter, mangalore chili liqueur, mango puree, lime, garnished with bird’s eye chili 

11 €

12 cl 

Tikki Vibe

Association between rum, pineapple, passion fruit, plum bitter, lime and vanilla. This cocktail is spiced up with yellow Chartreuse 

11 €

20 cl

Cocktail made-to-order

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